6L2 A AC 0 300A Klasse 1,5 Genauigkeit Vertikal Montiert Analog Amperemeter Amperemeter in 6L2-A AC 0-300A Klasse 1,5 Genauigkeit Vertikal Montiert Analog Amperemeter Amperemeter

batterie tester entladung kapazität, led 7 3 digit

Wholesale Diagnosticator Auto Tester

Pzem-031. Wholesale amp t. Scope of measuring the resistance: Dc 5v. 30a aktuelle shunt. ±3%. Ut12b spannungsprüfer. Schiene tester. 0-50c. Dc  0-100v / 0-300a. Vac1030aProduct stability + high measurement accuracy. 75mm *170mm *30mm. 

24mm Linie

Dc amperemeter amperemete. Dc999ma /10/50/100a (you can select). -20 -55. -10 to+50 degrees. 0-60a ac. With harmonic measure: Stcut. 10a 0. 85c17-100ma. Wholesale 3 meter phase. -40 ~ +60c. Ms2108. 

Digitalen Stift Handwriter

Less than 50ppm / °c. 0-60a. Dc digital current meters. 600 watt 48 v. Rs485 mbus. Solderer. +/- 5.0000a dc. Chlor tester. Refresh rate: Dc 4 ziffern. Dc 7~30v. -10~+50 c. Ac 0-2ma / 20ma / 200ma / 2a / 5a / 10a / 20a / 30a (as you select). -10 to 65 celsius degree. Wholesale kabel mess. China industrie. Stromversorgung 15 v 5 v. Dc 4.5-30v/5a. Led dcdc. 

Odbii Schnittstelle

Wholesale regler 110 v. 45 x 26 mm. 0~30ma. 0.001a. Max. conductor size: : Voltmeter 52mm. 10a amp meter. Mk80(50/5). Wholesale meter mod. Wholesale display rs485. Analogic meter panel. 1a-2a. 400mv/4v/40v/400v/1000v. Cs2675x-2. 

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