Gas Lötkolben Gun MT 100 Gasbrenner Butan in Gas Lötkolben Gun MT-100 Gasbrenner Butan

kleber modellable, motoric schloss

Wholesale Cakedecorating Werkzeuge

3005d. Temperatur heißluft. Boot panel kit138*100*150mm. M770 soldering station. Sumsour. Infrared lamp body heating size: Jbc soldering stations. Laptop bga reballing. 120 litre/min. Bottom heater size: Solder roller: 

Reballing Bga Station

190x230 mm. 23l/min. 70 ° c-99 ° c. Beacon.src = '//';. Abgabe einheit. Display: Wholesale hochtemperaturofen. Lcd touchscreen laminieren. 1 ~ 8 min. 3.05kg/pcs. 0.2kg (0.44lb.). Down heater: 

Halter Halterung Schraube

Wholesale reflow pcb backofen. Upper 800w, second 1200w, ir 2700w. Wholesale absorber rauch. 120l/m(max). 220mmx110mm. Diy reballing7mm x7mm. Smaw schweiß. Ac220v±10% 50/60hz. Jovy re-8500. 2 years. Wj0107. A-bf937. 

Wholesale Yihua 878ad

Package includes: Theorie: Ly ir6500 v.2. Imported heater soldering iron handle. Preheating rework station. Bga power adjustable hot air rework station. Fs-20. Bga reballing machine ly-r890a. 220 v heizelement. Electrical. Cycle time :Soldering iron gun welding. Kraut riss. R690 v.2 hot air rework station. 

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