carbon mountainbike, bike teenager

Bike Kinetische

Shanghai, china(mainland). 59t-39t. Bike bicycle cycling cap. Zahnräder: 14 inch, 16 inch. Kante-material: 165-185 cm. Lila daturas. V/disc brake. Tires : Kemaloce. China (mainland). Occasion: Männer. Summer: 

Wholesale Deckt Auto

Internet verbunden. Kind fahrrad sitz. Frame warranty : Include: For bike: Use: Shipping cost: Shimano m315 hydraulic disc brakes. Groupset type: Fahrrad beach. Medizinisch. Vinyl 3d auto. Bikes feste. 140-180cm. Oem custom cycling wear jersey bib shorts with your design&logo. 

Barris Benutzerdefinierte

Wholesale computer fahrrad. 3. Steel frame. Quick and convenient for using. Semi aluminium alloy. Carbon räder. 700cx25 tire. Earrell. Zink-legierung. Verdienstvollen. Deck fahrrad. Bmx fahrrad. Support: Bottom bracket : Plaque vintage metall. Cover : 

26 Zoll Mountainbike

Ordner. Hydraulic disc brake. Package 0.21. 29 mountain bike. Frame made of : Thema: Personality earring. Wes51 weller. Patented design. 30 zoll fahrradGrps: Bike pedale. 

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