Mega 2560 R3 CH340G/ATmega2560 16AU, MicroUSB. kompatibel für Arduino Mega 2560. mit Bootloader. in Mega 2560 R3 CH340G/ATmega2560-16AU, MicroUSB. kompatibel für Arduino Mega 2560. mit Bootloader.

lqfp48 stm32f103c8t6, 10 stücke oszillatoren

Maus Omron Mikroschalter

Supports : 5l0380r. St-link. 16*4mm. Wholesale 14 dip. Uno r3 mega328p. 3.7v~5.5v. 5v-12v. Input voltage:Wholesale dc regler. 

Summer Tv

Item: Digispark. Ir4427s. In stock. 7805 regulator ic. Falsh light kit. Normal termperture. Srd-5vdc-sl-c relay. Zif ic socket 28 pins. +/-2% (typical). Rt8239bgqw. Static current: Single pin female connector. 3.6v-46v. Catalog. Composite video output. Module number4: 

Wholesale Modul Esp8266

Capacitive ttouch switch module. 8 zentimeter. Sgh80n60ufdTda7297. 8-63v. Wholesale chips computer. Qfn-6. Booster power module. Qfp-128. Dc-dc booster. A4988 with heat sink. Szjygkdz. 2596s led voltmeter. Raspberry touch. Experimental modules. 


Microcontroller: W27c512-45z. Tip120. Sot23-3. -40 ~ 85. Xc6206p332mr. 110/220. Dip 28 pin. Bq24735. Bausteine shields. Smd inductor spule. Wholesale soic eine dip. Battery discharge module dc overvoltage protection. Wholesale lipo 3 s. 3-axis digital gravity sensor. 57mm x 28mm. Figuratively. 

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