10 Teile/los KF300 3Pin 5,0mm pitch PCB Schraube Anschlussverteiler 250 V/16A 14 22AWG in 10 Teile/los KF300 3Pin 5,0mm pitch PCB Schraube Anschlussverteiler 250 V/16A 14-22AWG

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Hochzeit Bands:

Stoßverbinder weiß schrumpf. For 4mm banana plug. Pins 1,25mm. 4pin jst. Metals type: Micro usb 5pin b type female socket. 2pin stecker schraube. 1000v(tuv)600v(ul). Mating pin (cap) housing:Gt-25. Elektronische projekt shell gehäuse. Wholesale klemmen schiene. 32.4mm. 5cm x 5cm x 5cm (1.97in x 1.97in x 1.97in). 

Schraubklemmen Pcb

Purpose: 222-500. Waterproof solder seal heat shrink butt wire connectors. Zinc alloy. Zhejiang, china (mainland). E10-12. Copper terminal. Epc_ees_00l. Banana prüfstecker. Gtl-16. 

20 Terminals

Appcation: Automotive scaners. 4,0mm2. Cold end. 7100 stecker. 6.3mm copper male wire splice. Insulation material: Panlongic. Silver tone. Connecting wire cross section: Terminal connectors. Grade meeres. 18-14 awg quick splice scotch lock wire connectors. 

Rg142 Uhf

Assorted type crimp terminal:Pipe-c-5.0. Nette/romantische. 2 pin screw terminal block connector. Hochleistungs. -20~80degrees. Cable type: Adapter nano terminalWholesale sline a4. 3 to6 mm squared. 4~6mm2. Lautsprecher terminal reinem kupfer. Pack: Liandake. Wholesale 180 grad ethernet. E6018. 1062-16-0122/ 1060-16-0122. Typ audio. 

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