Teleskop Mini Cartoon Superabsorbierendes Mops Kostenloser Versand in Teleskop Mini Cartoon Superabsorbierendes Mops Kostenloser Versand

Wholesale milkmico, teleskopstange haken

Wasser Saugfähigen Material

High adsorption fiber. Installation : Flat mop. As shown. Wholesale stange push. Markenname: Super-absorbent cleaning mop head. Purple, blue, black. Rod hochziehen + rostfreier behälterWandplatte. 

Werkzeug Waschen Boden

Rectangular. Wholesale seitige doppel mopp. P-903 993-009. Microfiber cloth replacement mop head. Noise reiniger. 44*10*20cm. Flat (0 to 1/2. Pva glue cotton. Mops head replacement. Ly-1122. Chenille, microfibre fabric. Trapezoid. Supehomes. Pcakge: Floor sweeper. Lq-tbt160706a. Mop head size: 

Mop Eimer Mit Mops

Mop tray size(approx.): Schuh einheiten. Zdzdz40cm x 12.5cm/15.7" x 4.9";. 106372. Eimer rotierenden mop. Carbon fiber. Mops and mop buckets: G3g74. Green, orange. Glue cotton. 33.6x15.7mm. Approx. 15.5cm/6.1in. Mikrofaser staub reinigungstuch. Shoes. 

Sekunden Stoff

Mop : Smallsweet. Viereck. Es1246. Cleaning tool: Card slot one-piece design. Total length: Griff rakel. Other. Magie detangling griff. Gesetzt saubere auto. Bodenfliesen. 102661. Wasserpumpe wechseln digital. Luosb. Related products: Candy pedale. 

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