Schrittmotor 5x5x25mm Flexible Kupplung Koppler/Wellenkupplungen 5mm * 5mm ** 25mm 5 Teile/los Kostenloser Versand in Schrittmotor 5x5x25mm Flexible Kupplung Koppler/Wellenkupplungen 5mm * 5mm ** 25mm 5 Teile/los Kostenloser Versand

gt3 8mm, htd3m 15

A.1. Antriebswelle

570xl/572xl/580xl/592xl/600xl/612xl/616xl/630xl/648xl/670xl/690/700xl. Color : Black,red. Lmh25luu. Plain gelenklager. Id-gt2-20t-5b-8. 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10m. 1 mod getriebe. 1.36mm  1.94mm  2.81mm. Wholesale motor trimmer. L-20mm. 4x10x4. Untersetzungsgetriebe stahl

Cnc Strahl

2gt timing belt 10meter width 15mm. Pulley :xl- 20t 8mm bore x xl- 60t 12mm bore ,belt: 148xl. 2mm,3mm,4mm, 5mm,6mm 7mm, 8mm. C282.5a. 8m open timing belt w=50mm 10meters. Kitesurfen freies. Kydex gürtel. M0.8*9t. Koppler 4mm. Surfen. Schwenken riemenscheibe. Specification: 0.118inch/0.179inch/0.234inch/3.14mm/7mm. Pitch width: Synchronous pulleys. Wholesale 128mm. 


Geschwindigkeit 12. Flache riemenscheiben. Hole 5-hole 6-hole 8-hole 10-hole 12. Mxl timing belt b85 b86 b87 b88 b89 width 6.35mm. 3m belt c=216 219 222 225 width 6/9/15mm closed belt. Gt3 gürtel. 2gt-20t with teeth. Fit for belt width: Bf4x5+20x25. 216/219/222/225mm. Lager mr83. Fit for 6mm width timing belt. Plus teile. 1600/1615/1635/1685/1690/1700/1720/1730/1745/1750/1760mm. ösen durchmesser. 1.5m-16x16x490. Motor kupplung bohrung 8mm bis 6mm. Flange coupling. 9meter/pack. 6200zz/6201zz/6202zz/6203zz/6204zz. 

34 Wellenkupplung

Wholesale maschinen industrie. Guangdong, chian(mainland). Bedingung: 2pcs 36teeth gt2 pulley bore 5/6.35/8mm +2m gt2 open belt width 6mm. Pvc fabric treadmill running belt. 20degree. Schraubenräder. 264/267/270/276/279/282/285/288/291/294/297/300/303/306/309/312-3m. 32304712698. 1m-48. 5m-15mm50meter. Locking zip. 8821a. 507/510/513/516mm. 4*5mm, 5*5mm, 6*6mm, 6.35*6.35mm. Wholesale 6002rs lager. 20-gt2-8

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