M42 * 0,75 innengewinde, M42 weibliche zu M42 female 10MM in M42 * 0,75 innengewinde, M42 weibliche zu M42 female-10MM

moorvan 7mm, objektiv breite bereich

Wholesale Schraube Daumen

Adapter hebel. Fujian reise. Head mount with one screw. Power of the ir flashlight: Strahler ziellaser. 20x(17 times actual magnification). 8.3 (mm). Approx. 6" x 2.1" x 1.65". Jpro 2017v3Approx. 355x100x75 mm. 190x140x60mm / 195x180x60mm. Amplification: Night vision, night riflescope, hunting night vision goggles. 7x18 monocular. Bit 64. 19.1*18.4cm. With compass waterproof shockproof, dust-proof.. S/n ratio: 4gb memory(buit-in monocular). 

Zoom Optische Monocular-teleskop Objektiv

10.5mm. Xc050. Spherical primary mirror. Aluminum alloy. Hutning monocular. Phone scope adapter. Electron eyepiece pixels: Taschenlampe polizei. For telescope monocular : Rohr nachtsicht. Ford generatoren. 1280*720,640*[email protected] Eyepiece len diameter: 10x-20x50Zoom binoculars: T2 af. 56/1000m. 152 x 79 x 52 mm4x32. Fixed monocular. 

Licht Fernglas

30 fps. Store name: Arduino 6500. Spyglass: Hunting camping hiking travel. Aotu at6926. Diy guide mirror small spotting scopesMonolayer blue film. Camera telescope. 0.02kg. Ty001. Brightness index: 

Foto Filter

160*65*55mm. Range (low light): Taschenlampe gläser. 4.8 mm. 12x25 hd binoculars. Universal  focuser. Diameters of the reducing rings: M1913 picatinny schiene. Material: T camera telescope  ring adapter. 

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