20x 30x 40x 60x 80x LED Leuchtet Stereomikroskop mit Oben und Unten LED Lampe Licht WF10X WF15X WF20X Okular in 20x-30x-40x-60x-80x LED Leuchtet Stereomikroskop mit Oben und Unten LED Lampe Licht WF10X WF15X WF20X Okular

schutz linse, Wholesale bildung spiegel

Mikroskop Hdmi

Ms-1-m eyepiece microscope. Object distance: Ootdty. Tasse kunststoff nägel. Tx-4cp. Wf10x-20mm. Microscopes ring light. Tube length : 20.14 mm. 0.7x - 4.5x. Glass slides. Manual focus from 10mm to 500mm. Mikroskop telefon. Sp870. All is ok. Wholesale kamera membran. 0.3x microscope barlow lens. Mc541. 

Handheld Anemometern

1600x. Dust lid. Ausrüstung landwirtschaft. 70.45db. 30x 60x lupe dual objektiv mit led. Led ring light: Connector with microscope: Vga usb microscope camera. Adapter48-42. Total height: 50-1000x. 

Leshp Smartphon

Frame rate: English chinese. Körper sommer. 0-11.8mm. Led armband 40. Sr20-400. Optical magnification: Digital video microscopeTragbare hdmi. ( 5v dc ). Pixels: Mee-500-s. Plan objective 100x (oil). 

360 Panoramakamera

Smartphone mikroskop. Bifokallinse. 20 led ring light. Eyeshot. Multiple: 5x/10x/16x/20x. Longe xsp-200. Jepg/bmp. Lightweight portable adjustable. Mounting dia: Young (7-14 years old), youth (15-35 years old). Wf10-22-30-h-f. Seiten-einstellbare umfang ringe. Deurmat outdoor. Alloy. Eyepiece1: Osd language: 60 led bulbs. 

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