10 STÜCKE LM20UU 20mm Linearkugellager Bush Buchse in 10 STÜCKE LM20UU 20mm Linearkugellager Bush Buchse

lager motor, boreing

25 Hiwin

Guide schraube500mm trh15. Sgr15n-4. Fräsen führungsschieneWholesale 100mm linearführung. Grease lubrication. Lmh30uu. Mgn12. Original: Cnc ball screw. Wholesale schraube ball 16mm. Uxcell od. Block muttern. Ball screw. Länge schiene. Set linearschiene. 1605-300mm. Buchse 60. Muttern t8 8mm. 

Bf12 1605

0.08-0.1um. Sk10 sh10a. Y wagen. 4.118kg (9.08lb.). 35cm x 30cm x 10cm (13.78in x 11.81in x 3.94in). 4mm swages. Wholesale linearschiene 20. 400/800/1200mm. Sg 1610. Bk12-c5. Sbr16luu. Mgn7 linear rail and blockSliding block. 3d printer. 

15 Linearschiene

135mm. Riemenscheibe cnc 60. Wholesale 3d drucker sets. 500/1000/1500mm. 1000/1300mm. Mgn12c2r600z0cm. Fräsen bohren tisch. Used:Mgn12hz0cm. Sgr-20n. 40mm x 100mm. 

Diy Cnc

4mm linearschiene. Ball screw for x axis: 450/1200/1600mm. Rm1605. Mjunit. Lineare unterstützung schiene gesetzt350/750/1150mm. Motor cnc. Thsl-700x1-8d8mm achse stange. Pp110-30h. Linearführung kossel mini. Guide width or diameter: Swivel armLinear sc16 16mm. Guide unterstützung. 350/450/550mm. Lm8 lm8uu. Ball screw 12mm. Wholesale £ winde. 

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